A group of Occupy Wall Street protesters occupied a Rep. Michele Bachmann event today in South Carolina aboard the USS Yorktown, interrupting her in the middle of her foreign policy speech to chant stuff that probably made her really angry. 

They stood abruptly during the speech, shouting in unison, "this will only take a minute...you capitalize on dividing Americans / claiming people that disagree with you / are unpatriotic socialists / and you promote discrimination." 

Personally, we believe Kanye's technique was better, but to each their own.

People who were actually there to see Bachmann began countering the protesters' chanting, retaliating with shouts of, "sit down!" which, unsurprisingly, didn't work at all. Bachmann was escorted off stage by police, only to return later after the protesters had been kicked out, saying, "don't you love the First Amendment?" 

We really do.


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