If you thought the NYPD allegedly sending drug dealers and drunks to Occupy Wall Street was bad, take a look at this. The video shows a few Oakland PD officers that have been seen around Occupy Oakland disguised as a fixed-gear riding backpacker and a Raiders fan. The voiceover in the background is from Oakland PD interim Chief Howard Jordan back in '03, dicussing the best way to handle protests in the city. According to Jordan, strategically placing people inside of a movement is an effective way to "gather the information" or possibly persuade protesters to follow their orders. It's like watching the first ten minutes of The Departed.

There's always the slim chance that the cops were off-duty and were present to show their support for the movement, but we doubt it. Occupy Oakland protesters were able to identify the cops, and then put this video together to let other protesters-and the Oakland PD-know what's going on. Here's a memo to the Oakland PD: those boys have been made, so get them out of there and go back to the drawing board. If this was their answer to the "Gentlemen's Police Officer", it was the wrong answer.

 [via SFist]