The 4-year-old daughter of Alissa Jones was recently detained for something we've all been guilty of—succumbing to the temptation of snacks.

The toddler was recently snuck a few pieces of dried fruit from a box of apricots and snuck the box back on the shelf before her parents caught wind of her surreptitious snacking at a Safeway store in Everett, Washington. The misdemeanor munching did not go unnoticed by the store's security guard, who took the child and her father into a backroom, where he banned the 4-year-old from the store and forced her to sign papers acknowledging her shoplifting.

The guard has since been fired, mostly because 4-year-olds are too young to realize shoplifting is a crime, and partially because resisting dried apricots is a near impossible feat, even for the most self-disciplined adult.

[via Huff Post]