During last night's Republican debate, Republican nominee hopeful Michele Bachmann said something a bit curious about Pakistan's nuclear sites...curious in that not really anyone had ever heard it before, leaving people wondering if Bachmann had just leaked seriously classified information to the public.

But, according to the Huffington Post, Bachmann didn't leak anything - she just reads The Atlantic.

The quote, which can be viewed above, has Bachmann - who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, so it would make sense that she'd know things others didn't - saying that terrorists have targeted six of Pakistan's 15 nuclear sites. The National Journal posted that this info had never been released, but The Atlantic quickly pointed out that it had, and specifically in their magazine.

"Like many statements made by Pakistan’s current leaders, this one contained large elements of deceit," the original article, published in the most recent issue of the magazine read. "At least six facilities widely believed to be associated with Pakistan’s nuclear program have already been targeted by militants." Bachmann even borrowed the phrase "too nuclear to fail," which was used in the article too.

Just gotta say - when Michele Bachmann is reading more news than the rest of us, there really is a serious problem with journalism readership in America.

[Via Huffington Post]