So there was this legal spat between Bethesda the creators of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Mojang the creators of Minecraft. While the folks at Gamespot can explain it better than we can, here's the gist: Mojang, whose head honcho is Mark "Notch" Persson, tried to trademark the name "Scrolls" for his next video game. The legal team at Bethesda catches wind of this and, in a preemptive move to protect their branding of The Elder Scrolls series, take the issue to court.

The case was dismissed. But The Elder Scrolls developers--who operate separately from The Elder Scrolls legal team--planted something of an apology in Skyrim: an object named the "Notched Pickaxe" shaped conspicuously like the pickaxe found in Minecraft.

It can purportedly be found somewhere on "The Throat of the World," the largest mountain on the Skyrim map.  Good luck finding that one.

Thanks, Ology.