The iPhone 4S is hitting the road next week. On November 11 Apple will begin selling its newest handheld in 15 new countries including Hong Kong and South Korea. On that day, Apple will also begin selling it on a small regional wireless network right here in the United States called C-Spire

If you've never heard of C-Spire, you're not alone. It's a tiny wireless network based in Mississippi that services Mississippi, Memphis, Alabama, and some parts of Florida and Georgia. Formerly called Cellular South, it has 900,000 subscribers making it the eighth largest network in the country. C-Spire runs on a CDMA network like Verizon and Sprint. 

C-Spire, similiar to networks like Boost Mobile and Metro PCS, offers low-priced wireless plans with unlimited data. The trade-off is that it sells less-powerful handsets than the major four wireless networks. The iPhone 4S will run for $199 (for the 17GB model, $299.99 for the 32GB, and $399 for the 64GB), making it the most expensive handset on the network. 

Combined with C-Spire's cheap wireless plans, the iPhone 4S is sure to become a best-seller in all the areas serviced by the network. If you live in any of those areas, you can pre-order your iPhone 4S now on the C-Spire website

[via Cult of Mac]

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