Ninth Street Espresso

Neighborhood: Chelsea
Address: 75 9th Ave.
Perfect For: Taking a gluttonous stroll

Ninth Street Espresso's 9th Avenue branch is not so much a cafe as it is a counter, a fact that doesn't  detract from it appeal, but adds to it. The lack of seating acts as a scapegoat for extreme over-indulgence, giving you the ideal excuse to roam around Chelsea Market, heavily caffinated and ready to do some damage in its delectable shops.

It should also be said that the espresso here is truly transcendental, a draw in and of iteself. The baristas are some of the most skilled in the city, I mean, they can craft your cappucino into art! But even if you can't appreciate a good foam design, you will appreciate the face-stuffing (and people watching) Chelsea's bustling gourmet scene provide. Chairs? So overrated. A midday jaunt with a pitstop at Amy's Bakery, that's what's up!