Saturday Surf

Neighborhood: Soho
Address: 31 Crosby St.
Perfect For: Pretending you're on vacation

Shut your eyes and imagine sipping your coffee with the smell of surf wax in the warm air. Are you in Hawaii? No, you're in Soho, at Saturday Surf, where the excellent drip coffee is served steaming hot beside gleaming surfboards. And even though their multiple scarves might look like leis before you've finished your first espresso, those people are not the indigenious tribe, they're just hipsters (although, their behavior can be just as perplexing).

But, don't let that take away from the island vibe here. From the lax baristas who are just as literate about brewing methods as they are about catching waves, to the cozy cafe in the back garden made for lingering, you really couldn't ask for a more mellow way to spend a morning.