Everyman Espresso

Neighborhood: East Village
Address: 136 East 13th St.
Website: everymanespresso.com
Perfect For: Meeting an internet date

So, you met her on [insert dating website/social media platform here] and she looks great in her photos, but you're slightly suspicious. Smart, hot and single? Red flags are tentatively raised, and you'd rather not spend $100 dollars on dinner and a side of dissapointment.

The solution? Everyman Espresso, a cheerful coffee shop tucked among the ecclectic shops of East Village. But, unlike those shops, Everyman Espresso is actually spacious. It's busy (read: safe), but you never have to fight for a chair. And the best part? Every seat offers a full view of the exit, should you need to dart for the door. And if she's actually all her tweets made her out to be, convince her of the merits of Everyman's Italian-style Toscano espresso, which yields an Americano with a sweet finish, and order some Taza chocolates to sweeten the deal.