A 50-year-old Croatian man is facing criminal charges today after he went to a hospital and told doctors that, during some sort of weird sex game, he'd gotten a 2 cm anti-aircraft shell stuck where the sun don't shine. AKA, his anus. Kind of crosses a line between kinky and disturbing, no?

Doctors were able to remove the shell, which, according to Geekosystem, was eleven centimeters in length. After helping him out, they were forced to call the feds on him, because possession of an anti-aircraft shell is illegal. Go figure! Now, the man might go to jail if the feds find more explosives, sex game-related or not, in his home.

Doctors also turned over the shell they extracted to the anti-explosives unit covering the case, who we're sure were just thrilled to receive it. 

[Via Geekosystem]