In-N-Out Burger 

Closest Location: 
190 East Stacy Rd., Allen, Texas

We're infatuated with Shake Shack burgers as much as the next New Yorker, but if an In-N-Out burger were to land in Gotham, we'd cheat on Shake Shack faster than an entitled athlete. In-N-Out has basic burger fare—burgers, fries and shakes—but it does it right with real-deal beef and made to order burgers. If you're feeling particularly carnivorous, you can even go "animal style," a "secret menu" option that will land you with a mustard-cooked burger smothered in their signature sauce, with onions and extra pickles. The only bad news? The chances of New Yorkers getting their hands on In-N-Out's famed burgers are pretty slim—this burger joint is actually one of the few chains that is not franchised; it's still privately owned. Our advice? Fervent prayer to the burger gods! Maybe ample begging and the salty tears of thousands of In-N-Out devotees will entice them to take pity on East Coasters.