In addition to the iPhone 4S, Apple today unveiled a new iPod Touch, which is now available in a white configuration just like the iPad and the iPhone.

The new touches get Apple's new iMessage feature, which basically means you'll be able to text with them now, provided you have a WiFi connection. They also get HD video shooting.

The iPod Touch is supported by iCloud for wireless syncing and storage of all your data, and just like before, it's equipped with FaceTime and a Retina Display.

An 8GB iPod Touch is $199; 32GB is $299 and 64GB will cost you $399.

There was a lot of speculation that Apple would end its support of non iPod Touch music players today, but the company announced a new iPod Nano today, too.

"We love music, and we're going to continue making the world's best music players," said Phil Schiller.