No one is ever going to mistake Kickboxer for Citizen Kane, but the movie did itself no favors by including an utterly bizarre dance scene featuring "The Muscles from Brussels" himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme. Whenever your movie stars a near-robotic martial artist the size of a doorframe with little acting experience, it’s probably not the best idea to toss him into the middle of a scene that involves grace, rhythm, and personality.

The result was a sequence that'd make ballet instructors everywhere vomit into their tights. But for the rest of us, it elicits a mixture of disgust and joy. It’s awful, no doubt about it, but it’s impossible not to smile as Van Damme boogies down in his white pants and tank top.

Cheesy movies from the '80s aren’t for everybody; actually, they’re barely for anybody. But this horrid attempt at dance captures the anything-goes corniness of those movies. Much like Van Damme’s accent, this scene is infuriating to sit through at first, but you soon realize that you can laugh at it as long as he doesn’t hear you.