Since it’s getting close to Halloween, might as well delve into the work of director John Carpenter, best known for, well, the film Halloween, as well as The Thing and Escape From New York. But while his movies are inextricably linked with visual terror, Carpenter is also widely respected for the fact that he wrote his own film scores, all of which are maddeningly simple themes, heavy on the synths and all in E minor.

In Portland on Friday, composer Willy Green will present a live mashup of nine Carpenter soundtracks in a piece called “In E.” Written for five musicians, the 45-minute piece aims to deliver a synth-worthy tribute to Carpenter’s legendary (and highly sampled) scores. No word on whether there will be a visual backdrop, but the proper substances can probably provide one for you anyway. For a preview, there’s this mix of Carpenter and other creepy film scores.

“In E: The Music of John Carpenter”
Friday, October 28
Tonic Lounge
3100 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, Ore.