We think that you can officially label DICE’s Battlefield 3 as a hit. Electronic Arts is reporting that Battlefield 3 has sold through just over 5 million units in its first week of availability. Lord, that is a lot of games.

The news regarding the games retail success comes amidst great critical acclaim and a slew of server problems that have practically crippled the online portion of the game. Many gamers are loving the overall experience but have had a tough time maintaining solid connections with the online servers and remaining in games for the full time. EA is fast at work on resolving any and all of these issues and if there was ever an incentive to keep working hard, this is it. Battlefield 3 is a certifiable hit.

Now, let’s just see if they can keep the momentum going into next week when modern Warfare 3 launches. 5 million sold is a lot of games, don’t get us wrong, but Black Ops did more than that in its first 24 hours this time last year.