The whole sexting scandal that brought down former Congressman Anthony Weiner will now be the subject of a tell-all book thanks to one of its many participants, 35-year-old former cheerleading coach Traci Nobles

Interestingly, it wasn't even Nobles herself who came forward saying that she too had been sexting with the married Congressman - it was Nobles's roommate who found the Facebook conversations and e-mailed them to a newspaper a while back.

It seems like Nobles has had a change of heart (or just received a pretty big check from some publishing house) because now she's written the book I Freinded You - spelt just like that - about her experience, where she revealed some pretty, well, awkward things.

And, thanks to The Daily Mail, we can read some of what's going to be included in the book! Amidst Weiner's complaints about his in-laws - he calls them "a bit backwards thinking," - there's this that sticks out a bit:

Minutes after talking his parents-in-law, in messages that are likely to cause most distress to Mrs Abedin, Weiner unfavourably compared her genitalia to that of Ms Nobles.

'Omg. I didn't think I could get any harder. That is a perfect p***y. I'm not used to such a perfect p***y. Baby you're beautiful.'

Cringe. Somehow, it's like Weiner's made things even worse for himself and his marriage, but this time he didn't even have to lift a finger or send a text to do it. In other words: Karma.

[Via Daily Mail]