While NBA 2K12 has been challenging gamers and fans to decide who the greatest NBA team of all time is, the newly announced DLC will take the debate process a bit further to see who the greatest player is. Say hello to the NBA 2K12 Legends Showcase.

Releasing this Holiday season, this new DLC takes the action off the hardwood courts of NBA arenas and moves it back to the streets, on Times Square. Gamers will be able to participate in pick-up games ranging from 1-on-1 up to 5-on-5, 21, and HORSE. The new mode even features and completely new visual style as all of the greats (and current players) will be represented in a new cell-shaded art style.

Think about the possibilities. Michael versus Kobe. LeBron versus Magic. Bird versus Nash. The matchups are endless. The new mode will be available later this year for $9.99 / 800 Microsoft points on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.