Officially unveiled Tuesday via Comic Book Resources, Kick-Ass writer Mark Millar is auctioning naming-right to the supervillain in his newest comic, The Secret Service. If you have your coins stored up (or have friends who are 1%-ers), then you can live as an immortal in comic book lore! The first-time collaboration between Millar and Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons finds the six-issue miniseries set to debut in February 2012.

So far plot details are currently under tight wraps, but director Matthew Vaughn is already looking to get it ready for the big screen. Interested parties who place bids will have their proceeds delivered to St. Bartholomew's Primary School Pantomime Fund. Established by Millar, who is also a former student there, and Head Teacher Christine Boyle — the current bid on eBay is at $3,100 with mere hours to go.

Today is the last day to live forever, the event is scheduled to end in a matter of moments — at 3:54PM — to be exact. If interested, here's the direct link to the auction.

[via Empire]