Imagine having the serenity of a sermon interrupted by gory violence. No, we’re not talking about a horror movie here, this shit actually happened. All was well during mass at Sant’Andrea church in Viareggio, Italy, that is until Aldo Bianchini decided he wanted to blind himself in front of an audience.

As the priest gave his sermon, the 46 year-old Bianchini stood up, tore his eyes out of their sockets and “collapsed to floor in a pool of blood.” Lorenzo Tanganelli, the priest on hand, says that paramedics came and took Bianchini away. Despite a lot of the congregation leaving due to the trauma they had just witnessed, Tanganelli continued mass.

Some are reporting that Bianchini may have been moved by a passage that involved Jesus commanding folks to gouge out their eyes if they “caused them to sin.” Although that was probably the majority of the congregation, it’s possible that Bianchini saw something he just couldn’t accept. Or maybe he just felt like causing some anarchy.

He definitely accomplished the latter.

[via Gawker]