Right now, fans of Batman: Arkham City fall into two camps:  those who are bleary-eyed from playing the game for countless hours yesterday and those of us who are jealous and waiting for the PC version.  If you fall into the latter camp, things are a bit brighter today.  The release date for the better version PC version of Batman: Arkham City is set for November 18 and Steam has a sweet deal running to help you feel good about waiting.  If you own Batman: Arkham Asylum or LEGO Batman on Steam, you can pre-order Batman: Arkham City and get 20% off.  On top of that, those two games are on sale until Thursday for $9.99 each (50% off.)  Basically, you either get $10 off Batman: Arkham City or you get one of those other games essentially for free.  What are you waiting for?  Go get it!

[via Destructoid]

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