Address: 346 West 52 St.
Best Bet: Kimichi Bacon and Chorizo Paella ($14)

If you're like us, and you get worked up at the mere mention of Korean food, meet Danji, a Korean tapas spot that uses a little French technique to take things up a big notch.

Danji is off the beaten 9th Avenue path, in a space that is typically small by Hell's Kitchen standards, but with atypical, larger-than-life flavors. Sit down at your desk (yes, the tables are desks, complete with drawers that hold your menus) and take a side: Traditional or Modern. 

If you like to keep it classic, opt for the braised short ribs ($14), served with tender fingerling potatoes and topped with crunchy pine nuts, which are the perfect textural contrast to the silky,  melt-in-your-mouth beef. If you're feeling more futuristic, get down on the paella, which comes on a steaming hot stone plate and has not one but two meats — kimichi bacon and chorizo — over flavor-packed fried rice ($14). If you want to splurge a little, add the farm-fresh, sunny side up egg ($2) and we promise you'll be peeping the pearly gates.

Ultmately, Danji kind of reminds us of ourselves — understated and surprisingly cool — which is exactly why we love it. Egotism aside, we also enjoy the fresh flavors you can find here (also, the minimal damage to our cash-flow). And honestly, we know you will too.