Lobster is once again the kinky culprit is this classic scene, which shows Tom and his very hungry lady sitting across from one another at the table, feasting their eyes while working up their appetites.

The two devour one course after another with mounting intensity, taking out their sexual aggressions by snapping lobster claws, breaking off wishbones (ayo!), tearing into pears, shamelessly slurping oysters, and most blatantly, cleaning the meat slowly off a chicken bone. 

Post-naughty-nosh-sesh, Tom and his boo make a beeline for the bedroom. Because he knows it's just like Usher said: A freak at the table and a freak in the bed. Well, close enough. All we know is that we've never been as excited for beer and wing night in our lives. Eli who? We're grilling the girl covered in BBQ sauce.