A Texas constable is accusing his 2012 election rival of sending beyond racy photos to him on his government-issued ConstablePhone, and not in the way that you’d imagine. Not that you’d want to imagine that, or that there’s any way to really clean it up.

In a rather candid interview with KGBT-TV, Primera Police Chief Joe Rodriguez admitted to sexting constable Robert Lopez. That already sounds dirty, but the real kicker is that the pictures were of a blond transgender woman with a “sultry stare” (among other things) on display.

In his defense, Rodriguez claims that the pictures weren’t meant for the constable, they were meant for his cousin. We’re not 100% sold on that, but even if it’s true, it’s a bad look for Rodriguez and his cousin.

Constable Lopez believes that Rodriguez intentionally sent the pics to embarrass him, and intends to file charges. However you want to view it-no pun intended-this is far more embarrassing for Rodriguez, especially since it’s not the first time he’s been derailed by risqué material. In 2007, he was busted by a Texas school district for looking at porn on school computers.

Well, it seems pretty safe to assume that Rodriguez has eliminated himself from the election. What’s up with Texas cops lately? If a treatment for America’s Dumbest Cops hasn’t been drafted already, then someone please do it ASAP.

[via Gawker]