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Johnny Jewel is a busy man. Besides running the Italians Do It Better label with Mike Simonetti, he’s the main impetus behind three different groups: Glass Candy, Chromatics and Desire. All three bands explore a similar vein of slow, slick disco, and all are fronted by a different female vocalist. Chromatics have undergone perhaps the most drastic change from their original sound, which was sort of like the Rolling Stones seen through a grimier, noisier lens; they now share the dark groove of Glass Candy, and you could be forgiven for mistaking the two groups for one another. Live, each project relies upon sampling and real-time mixing, all helmed by Jewel as he delivers sparkling guitar and synth lines from his fleet of vintage gear.

Glass Candy/Chromatics
Sunday, September 11
8 p.m.
925 East Pike St., Seattle
Tickets $10