In 1986, Bird was the word. Again. In what is widely considered his finest season, Bird won his third consecutive MVP. Alongside Robert Parish and Kevin McHale, the three comprised the greatest frontcourt ever, which became even deeper with the addition of 6th Man of the Year, Bill Walton. Complemented by a backcourt of Dennis Johnson and Danny Ainge, they couldn’t have wanted anything more. Except revenge.

Hell bent on redressing their loss to Magic’s Lakers in the ’85 Finals, the Celtics marched to 67 wins and a record 40-1 home stand at Boston Garden. Unfortunately, they would have to settle for their third consecutive Finals appearance-a six game dismantling of the Houston Rockets in which Bird averaged a triple double.

It probably wasn’t enough for Bird or his teammates. Which is what made them so great. Well, that and the rings.