Who is the greatest team of all time? Michael Jordan’s answer is fairly simple. “Anyone else win 72 games?” He’s right, of course, but the answer is actually in the ‘how?’ not ‘how many?’

After an unsuccessful un-retirement wearing the 45, Jordan returned with a vengeance in ’96 and as both fans and opponents know, the only thing more terrifying than Michael Jordan is a determined Michael Jordan. Slightly more earthbound, but much savvier, MJ’s signature dunks were replaced with a fade away jumper that will join Kareem’s skyhook as the most unstoppable shots the league has seen. His old sidekick, Scottie Pippen, was strong as ever and his new teammate, onetime rival Dennis Rodman, helped solidify a trio that became the first to make the All Defensive First Team together.

All would be competitors were lost in the smoke of a record book set ablaze. Fastest to 41 wins, 33 road wins. The second Triple Crown MVP in league history and the second set of teammates to win a scoring and rebounding titles together. Ah, and let’s not forget the Coach of the Year, Phil Jackson or the 6th Man of the Year, Toni Kukoc.

Granted, that is a lot to remember. Maybe it is easier to stick with Michael’s answer.