WHERE: My Studio
WHEN: September 6, 2011

Great 60 minute recording from my mans Lumin & KEMS. Only 50 pressed on tape. This one's mine. Lucky me. Salute, gents. 

Lumin & KEMS new mixtape, "Hot Tape," was created as the soundtrack to an endless summer of BBQs, pool parties, and 5 a.m. good times. A perfect mix of downtempo and jazz-influenced hip-hop, each side of this tape is a 30 minute head-nodding cool out session.

Limited number of 50 cassettes made.


Lumin 'swebsite: oddinhuman.com

KEMS' website: hoverock.com/kems.html


Mixcloud link: mixcloud.com/KEMS/

Download link: divshare.com/download/15643624-608

(Cover design by Tim Jurgensen.)

Tracklisting is on Mixcloud site.