WHERE: Philadelphia
WHEN:  September 11, 2001 

I talked my way into a flight into Philadelphia on 9/10/01 and to my surprise it became one of the most significant flights in my life. Not because I was booked on a doomed flight, but rather that I was originally flying into NYC on the morning of the 11th. My good friend Asya Shein was flying in to Philly from LA on a red eye the morning of 9/11/01. She called me from Phila Int'l Airport like, "Ummm, what the fuck is going on right now?"

I told her to get her ass in a cab and come immediately. We were on the phone, email, myspace, and every fucking where else we could be, trying to get a handle on loved ones and associates in New York. We spent that day, and many days since, wondering if anyone we knew was killed or injured on that horrible day. Oh, and yes the little girl in the shot is Asya as a kid, at the pyramids in Giza, Egypt. Moving photo(s) from Ms. Shein…