WHERE: Penn Station, New York
WHEN: August 27, 2011

It's 5 a.m., one hour after Good Fridays at Tammany Hall. My lady was burning up my text quota trying to make sure I got my ass on the first train smoking in order to beat Irene so that I could be stormed in with my family rather than stuck in NYC during a flood. My man Rameen Gasery was with me, and we were talking about photography and how amateurs are infiltrating his business, just like they're infiltrating the professional DJ world, when this shot jumped out at us both. I flicked off like 10 angles, and it looked boring. He took my camera, changed one setting, and showed me a little framing trick he uses. Now the shot looks deep, and begs the question: Where the hell is that lonely cord going to do its job at such a time of day?