WHERE: Philly International Airport
WHEN: August 20, 2011

I forgot this one from last week, and thought you'd appreciate it. My bad for the soft blur, but I was shooting "incognegro", trying to be inconspicuous at 6'6" in a ticket line in the airport.

I was on my way to Boston, and my man right here was dipped head to toe in soft purple, a full blooded pimp to the bone. I mean, everything from the gators, socks, slacks, belt, belt buckle accents, shirt, fedora, and fedora feathers! He was also calling the woman he was with all kinds of trifling bitches and tricks, loud as hell, at the ticketing counter. I thought I was on an episode of Punk'd or some shit. I've seen a ton of things in my day, but this was my first flying pimp—too priceless not to share. "Bitch, I know what time the mothafuckin' flight is!" His man fucked up about three bags of cashews in line, too. Surreal.