Address: 17 Clinton St. (Between Houston & Stanton St.)
Best Bet: Sweet Potato & Sage Ravioli in Parmesan Broth ($15)

How can you go wrong with a restaurant run by two Franks? The answer is, you can't, especially when the Franks in question are putting out deliciously simple and fresh eats with minimal damage on your wallet.

Frankie's atmosphere sets the stage for your appetite: the narrow, dark brick walls are lined with bottles of inexpensive Italian wines and enough flickering candles to earn the "cozy ambiance" label. But it's what's on the plates, not what's on the walls, that keeps us coming back. We're talking super fresh pastas with full flavored sauces like the sweet potato ravioli swimming in a sea of parmesan broth ($15) and pillow-soft gnocci in a zesty tomato sauce and fresh ricotta, which are both home runs.

Need some more carbs in your life? The prosciutto and pecorino sandwich ($12) is also a good way to go, and is a great way to hit your meat and cheese quota using fresh rosemary bread as the conduit. Just don't blame us for the carb-induced coma you fall into. At least you can sleep easy knowing you got a killer deal!