Devastating news for all taco lovers: The NYC-based Korean taco food truck, Korilla BBQ, was kicked off the Food network's The Great Food Truck Race last night. Not for falling in last place, though, but, instead, for cheating.

That's right. When their elimination was announced, it was host Tyler Florence who revealed the discovery that the members of team Korilla had been adding money to their cash drawer out of pocket, totaling about $2,000. The cash amount obviously didn't match up with their receipts, which is what gave them away.

Despite this revelation, the guys at Korilla seemed to be keeping their heads held high as the episode aired last night, at least if their Twitter is any indication. "WE WOULD NEVER CHEAT ON YOU NEW YORK" they wrote, which is just fine, though it seems to be clear that they'd definitely cheat on reality television.

[Via Midtown Lunch]