The idea of 48 hours under my own roof was the only thing on my mind last Thursday after Props Wednesday night, and a day of meetings in Harlem Thursday. Home cooked meals, family, my own bed (spooned up lovely), and the Jones vs. Rampage fight on PPV Saturday night was the plan of all plans! I actually put an ass imprint in my own couch for once, refueled, got some family and creative time in, saw a great fight card, and prepped my mind for what would be a very interesting day of travel and work on Sunday.

Getting to NYC from Philly via train is easy as a right handed layup, but moving around between boroughs in NYC on deadline can be grueling. With a 2 p.m. set uptown at Sundae Sermon, and a 5 p.m. set in Brooklyn at Putnam Triangle, I was on a mass transit safari, all culminating in me waiting for a 3 a.m. train home Monday morning. Felt like I just flew to Singapore and back in a day. But the smell of my own sheets, my lady, my son's hair, and my kitchen turned out to be all the sleep I needed anyway. With a family like mine to come home to, all the running around is worth it.

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