We've seen a lot of Portal 2-inspired fan projects since Valve released the seminal puzzle platformer sequel. There's already been a live-action short film, a fan-made music video, a live-action Portal skit made for the stage, and even a marriage proposal. Just when you thought things couldn't get anymore awesome, a two-man indie studio named Stabyourself.net envisions what would happen if Valve teamed up with Nintendo to create a new game.

Entitled Mari0, the game imagines what it would be like if the legendary plumbing brothers had access to a Portal gun in the original Super Mario Bros. Founder Maurice Guegan and Saso Smolej stress to anyone who'll listen that this is not a mod of any existing code. They've manage to recreate the early levels of the original NES title and promise that future map packs, named "The Lost Levels," are in the works.

This Super Mario Brothers mashup looks to give birth to more, as the indie studio is also planning on implementing a level editor, full story mode, and simultaneous multiplayer. Could you imagine Super Smash Bros. with a Portal gun? We bet you could! The clip above gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect. Sadly enough, we can hear Nintendo's lawyers writing up that cease-and-desist letter right now!

[via Stabyourself.net/Game Informer]