After creating a series as undeniably addictive as HBO's True Blood, we'd probably tune in to anything Alan Ball dreamt up next. But a series set in Amish Country? That might be pushing it. 

The LA Times shared the news of Ball's new project yesterday, and said the True Blood creator would be producing the new show for Cinemax (yes, your old soft-core go-to), which is looking to make a comeback from its formerly frisky roots and become a serious contender in primetime programming. 

The new series, (the brain child of writers Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler) is tentatively titled Banshee and, despite the Pennsylvania Amish country setting, will feature less than Puritan plot-lines (heavy exhale), but none of the supernatural shenanigans that put True Blood on the map. Instead, it will center around an "ex-con posing as a murdered sheriff, imposing his own brand of justice while also cooking up plans that serve his own interests" and "who's also an expert in martial arts."

A corrupt ninja-cop in Amish Country? Now we're talking.

[via LA Times]