In Amazing Spider-Man #31-33, writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko provided fans with the first major story arc in the character’s career. With a mysterious villain, the Master Planner, robbing nuclear shipments all over New York, it’s up to Spider-Man to try and stop him. But with Peter Parker starting his first day of college, and Aunt May ill in the hospital, there are much bigger things on his mind than a few thefts.

This is Comic Storytelling 101 for anyone interested in pursuing writing as a career. There's drama around every corner, great character interactions, and tons of action as Spider-Man tries to get hold of a serum that his Aunt needs to survive; however, he soon finds out that the Master Planner, a.k.a. Doctor Octopus, also needs it.

If This Be My Desiny is most famous for a four-page sequence in which Spider-Man is pinned under a ton of machinery in a flooded underground fortress. With Aunt May’s medicine just out of reach, the Wall Crawler must find the will to lift this insurmountable weight off his back. It’s four pages of pure artistic perfection by the legendary Ditko, and it doesn’t need any words (even though Stan Lee adds plenty of odd dialogue) to tell the story. Pure brilliance.