After a string of dreadful Spider-Man stories in the ‘90s, Marvel decided to give the web-slinger a shot in the arm by hiring superstar writer J. Michael Straczynski to work on Amazing Spider-Man, along with classic Spider-Man artist John Romita Jr. What followed was an extremely fresh take on the character complete with a new supporting cast and a fresh career for Peter Parker.

Although Straczynski’s run on the character went completely off the rails eventually due to editorial pressure, his first story arc, later titled Coming Home, was quite successful. It explored the very nature of Spider-Man’s powers after Peter Parker is confronted by a man named Ezekiel, who possesses the same abilities. Ezekial is beyond rich thanks to his abilities, and he asks Peter why he didn't take advantage of his powers in the same way.

Straczynski added an odd supernatural background to Spider-Man’s powers, but despite a few of these changes, Coming Home is an excellent update to these well-worn characters that adds a ton of charm and humor to the property.