8. Dubuque Restaurant

Address: 548 Court St., Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
Website: facebook.com/pages/Dubuque-Restaurant

Down Under The Brooklyn Queens Expressway: This restaurant serves up some wonderful gourmet burgers. It's a small, good thing that they don’t name their burgers stupid things. For example, they have a beef burger; they have a spiced lamb burger. They don’t have a Brie-ncredible Magic Mushroom burger, they have a “beef burger stuffed with truffled mushroom duxelle with grilled marinated portobello mushrooms and brie.” And it’s exquisite.

People will complain that the burger is too small. People are cheap. Dubuque takes care to make each burger fantastic, whether it’s one of the more complicated stuffed ones, or a simple bacon cheeseburger; it will be cooked to order. It’s worth the price, which really isn’t all that much ($10-$20). Plus this is the kind of place where it’s nice to go with a bunch of people and share. Try all the burgers. Call it a night out.