In an industry that is usually criticized for lacking originality, truly original products and games tend to stand out from the pack. A perfect example of a game that stands out from the crowd is Fuel Entertainment’s Sideway: New York which is launching on October 11, 2011 on the PlayStation Network.

Sideway: New York is a 2D action / puzzle / platformer embedded in a full, 3D world. Players will assume control of a graffiti artist who gets sucked into a twisted graffiti world within the landscape of New York. The concept may sound pretty simple, but once you see it in action you will truly appreciate how unique and interesting it really is.

The world within the game is fully rendered in 3D but the player, or players as the game supports full cooperative multiplayer, are confined to the flat surfaces of which the graffiti lies. You will be moving through the various planes of the landscape seamlessly as the world around you rotates and changes. The concept is a little difficult to explain in writing, so perhaps the trailer above will give you a better understanding of just how the mechanic works.

Sideway: New York will be priced at $9.99 when it launches this October.