Streetball has received a lot of shine as of late because of the lockout and of course, this guy. So naturally we got up with Bobbito Garcia AKA Kool Bob Love, who just so happens to be working on a New York basketball documentary due out in 2012 entitled, Doin' It in The Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC, co-directed by himself and Kevin Couliau. The doc is co-produced by 360 Creative Films in Paris, the same company that brought us the seminal documentary Just For Kicks, a vital addtion to any sneaker head's video library.

Bob has been synonymous with NYC streetball, sneaker culture, and hip-hop for God knows how long, and he was gracious enough to clue us to a couple spots to check out. So if you want to get a good run in or just want watch some great ball, here's Bobbito Garcia's Guide to Playground Hoops.

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