After we tried to explain Robin's new look before, the next line-up of DLC for Batman: Arkham City will obscure this distinction even further for hardcore Dark Knight fans. Two of the three new costumes for Batsies' second banana come from completely different alter egos. See for yourself below:

First, the Red Robin costume, which is the current identity of Tim Drake in the comics, will be available as a special Best Buy pre-order incentive. After that, things get a little bit confusing, as the skin on the far right is the Batman: The Animated Series costume — which is vintage Dick Grayson. Seems like continuity isn't quite an issue for Rocksteady, as the skin should be the Boy Wonder from The New Batman Adventures, and he's a little bit shorter.

While this is something that will not completely anger bat-fans the world over, it's still a pretty dope DLC courtesy of Rocksteady Studios. Now, if only they can give us some retro-style Catwoman costumes, whips included, we'd be even more psyched when this game hits shelves on October 18.

[via Amazon Germany/Game Informer]