Earlier this year, 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan got in a heap of trouble after making some grotesque homophobic jokes during a stand-up routine in Nashville, Tenn. When 30 Rock comes back on the air in early 2012, don't be surprised if that controversy is mined for laughs. What else did you expect?

"Because of my real-life pregnancy, we don’t go back on the air until January. I’m hoping that Tracy will have, and the world will have, forgotten about that by then. He from the first has gone around very sincerely and done his best to try to make up for the foolishness," Fey told Deadline. "It’s the kind of story that even if it happened to someone else, we would probably turn it into a Tracy story. So we may use it."

Sounds good, Tina-Tina. Even if audiences haven't forgiven Morgan by then, the best first step toward redemption is having a sense of humor about yourself. Looking forward to 2012.

[via Deadline]