Current NBA players and owners are still fighting like little kids, so NBA 2K12 just keeps getting more retro.

Just a week ago, 2K Sports announced that retired greats Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird would appear on three different box covers. Today, they’ve announced another mode that revolves around guys who haven’t played in years. “NBA’s Greatest” mode will let gamers take control of one of 15 legendary teams, pitting them against their chief rivals.

That means you'll be given even more old-timers (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Julius Erving are confirmed additions), all of whom can be unlocked for use in franchise modes. You know, just in case you feel like seeing how Julius would do against LeBron.

Not a bad move by 2K. Jordan’s success as coverboy last year proved that nostalgia still sells, and it beats relying on some star who fans won’t even like after the NBA lockout is over.

Just be careful how far you take this, NBA 2K12. If the next move puts everyone in short shorts...