ADDRESS: 415 Tompkins Ave.
NEIGHBORHOOD: Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

Just as Bed-Stuy is on the come up, the restaurant game there has improved greatly. Peaches is perfect for a date, conversational dining, or even treating your mom. Dim lighting and drinks at the bar give the spot an intimate feel. The Nashville fried chicken advertised in the front window is just one of the menu's stand-out dishes. The fact that they have dishes named after places and grandmothers gives it that authenticity. We don’t know who Grandma Eda is, but her meatloaf is worth it. You don’t have to take a trip to the dirty to get jambalaya, grits, ribs, catfish or any other famous Southern dishes; Peaches has got you covered. They also make one of the most decadent burgers ever; it comes topped with chicken skin. Where do you go after that?

And don't forget—they serve one of the best brunches in all of BK. Order a Bloody Mary and kiss that hangover goodbye.