Everyone's getting a facelift nowadays. Kratos. Solid Snake. Big Boss. Jehuty. Guybrush. That said, there's still a long waiting list at the plastic surgeon's office - or at least there should be. Some of the best games in recent history are all getting the HD treatment, and we're thrilled that Silent Hill is now in that queue. Sam Fisher's HD legacy from his Xbox days will be here next month, as well. 

Of course, gamers are going to want more. Throw us a bone and we'll want the whole herd. So, keeping in line with our intrinsic nature, we've compiled a list of other games that should go under the knife. Some of these games only need botox and a facelift; others are probably going to need a Lap Band and facial reconstruction - i.e., a complete rebuild. That more than likely ventures into "remake" territory, but whatever. We're not asking that the core mechanics be changed - just the veneer and rendering engine (ok, that part is kind of a big deal). We're sticking mostly with last gen releases, since PS1 and pre-PS1 games would likely need that kind of hefty reconstruction.

By no means is this list a definitive one - hell, we could go on for years if we were to list every game we'd want to see in HD. Got any others you want to see?

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