Richardson's Ice Cream

CITY: Middleton, Mass.
ADDRESS: 156 South Main St.

It's not really fair to call Richardson's an ice cream shop. Sure, they do that really fucking well, but this place is also a full-fledged dairy farm, with 370 hormone-free cows. Their ice cream shop, which is on the grounds of the 300+ year-old farm, comes correct with the standard flavors, but we're salivating over the more imaginative offerings, like Crunch-a-saurus (blue vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered krispies). They also offer New England favorites like Frozen Pudding (rum-based ice cream with raisins, pineapples, Maraschino cherries, apples, and peaches) and Grapenut (a custard-based ice cream with Grape-Nuts). Thank you, Based God!

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