10. OPERATION: REBIRTH (CAPTAIN AMERICA #444-448 & 450-454, 1995-1996)

During much of the ‘90s, Captain America was basically on life support after a neverending cavalcade of underwhelming writers, artists, and creative directions drove the character straight to mediocrity. However, for a brief time in the middle of the decade, writer Mark Waid and artist Ron Garney had a run on the character that brought him from the dregs of the comics industry and back into prominence.

By reintroducing the world to Cap’s ex-flame, Sharon Carter, and re-emphasizing the Red Skull as the pure master of evil in the Marvel Universe, Waid made Cap relevant again. His scripts leaned more towards the surreal, including such things as a Nazi cult looking to resurrect Hitler, but his sophisticated storytelling made his over-the-top style work flawlessly.

It's not as politically charged as some of the other stories on this list, but Operation: Rebirth does prove to be an extremely fun read with some ludicrous moments sprinkled throughout.