THQ's CEO and President Brian Farrell has taken a look at his financial records and is totally washing his hands of the Red Faction franchise. After the last two games, 2009's Red Faction: Guerilla and 2011's Armageddon, posted low first quarter fiscal numbers, the company felt that the franchise were too niche in their sales.

"We are disappointed in our first quarter financial performance," said Farrell to Gamasutra. "Sales of Red Faction: Armageddon and our licensed kids titles were below our expectations, and the late release of UFC Personal Trainer also adversely impacted the quarter." We don't think the gaming giant has much to be disappointed about, they still have the wildly popular Saints Row: The Third and a new WWE game due out by the end of the year.

Ultimately, we're juiced about the impending THQ/Guillermo del Toro collaboration on a game appropriately titled Insane. We'll keep you posted with more news as it develops.

[via Gamasutra]