After being ubiquitous in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Motorola has struggled to define its place in the tech world in the last five years. 

The company’s announcement of their device sales in Thursday’s earnings report leave a lot to be desired for the former tech giant. According to the report, Motorola sold 11 million mobile devices over the last three months, and of those, only 440,000 were Motorola Xoom tablets, a paltry mark compared not only to the iPad but also to the smattering of options of other Android tablets.

Motorola didn’t fare all that much better with their smartphones. Though they sold 4.4 million units last quarter, that mark was trumped by the Samsung Galaxy ST (5 million) and of course, the iPhone (20 million), both of which are merely one model—the 4.4 million figure includes all of Motorola’s smartphones.

With a slew of new smartphone releases slated for the fall, the company’s future could be decided soon.

[via Wired]

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