We guess The Wachowski Brothers have been deeply digging through their Netflix queue, while casting their upcoming sci-fi drama Cloud Atlas. Although Bae Doona may not be well-known on this side of the ocean, cinema art-house aficionados will clearly enjoy the news that the Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance thespian has joined the already star-packed jamboree.

The site, Sports Chosun (via /Film), says that Bae Doona will play the role of Sonmi~451, a character featured in the fifth tale of David Mitchell's acclaimed novel. In the dystopian near future, Sonmi~451 is a genetically-engineered fabricant server (see: clone) at Papa Song's diner whose pre-execution interview is projected holographically in an "orison," a futuristic recording device.

The plot follows six storylines, which range from the South Pacific in the 19th Century to California in the 1970s to a post-apocalyptic future, with each actor on-board playing multiple roles. Tom Hanks and Halle Berry are confirmed as the leads, with Ben Whishaw (a huge role-player in 2007's homage film to Bob Dylan, I'm Not There), Susan Sarandon, and Jim Broadbent joining in supporting roles. Hugo Weaving will also be a part of the film, and revealed that he will be portraying six different characters.

Cloud Atlas, billed as the biggest production ever mounted in Germany, has expanded to be a roughly $150 million film. Every penny of that money will end up on screen possibly for a fall 2012 release.

[via Sports Chosun/Slashfilm]